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Director Maria Galindo

Matilda Dawes / London, England 

  'Life's a Bitch' and ain't that true! Maria Galindo's brilliant feature film, depicts the grungy side of life in Barcelona, following insane, unlucky and in-love characters in a tale of intertwining fates. They seem doomed to reap seeds and follow breadcrumbs toward destruction. I began watching Galindo's creation at 11 pm, with the intention of only watching the beginning and finishing the following day. Captivated, almost 1 am, I find myself at the end of this tale full of betrayal and lovers feeling somewhat reminded of Shakespearian ill-fatedness. Hints of dark humor bring us closer to the characters and almost simultaneously we find ourselves disgusted or appalled! If this is what Galindo can create for her first attempt with a camera and a vision, I can't wait to see what she can produce for her next project!



Robert Viola / Brooklyn, New York

  Yeah, it was cool! I really liked it! Crazy to think one person could pull all that off!


Josephine Berry / London, England

  Life's a Bitch is an impressive first film by Maria Galindo, that portrays an authentic and raw side of Barcelona's scene. Maria takes us on a grasping and shocking journey,  through different groups of people who intertwine, collide and eventually explode. A rollercoaster of emotions. I look forward to seeing more of Galindo's work, which is looking to be very promising. 

Director Maria Galino Interveiw


Tom Hunt - Guitarist- Anti-Nowhere League -
This film is fucking great! I love it. It's a great observation of how brutal, and how delicate life can be. Any seemingly small decision leading to massive consequences. The characters were, for me, very real in their idiosyncrasies, and the acting was more often than not, brilliant. Even the background music editing is great, and a soundtrack that made me want to find out who some of the bands are! The way that the different stories are interwoven isEnglandgenius, and reminds me of one of my favorite films, Pulp Fiction. The harsh ending also has a Tarantino feel to it which is the perfect climax. It's bleak, but that's the point. Life's a bitch, right? Great work Maria. I look forward to your future projects!


Adie Bailey - Vocalist - The English Dogs - London, England

the movie. Its a great watch and for a first attempt at making a movie was very surprised at the quality and professionalism of the acting and production. of  Maria Galindo sent me a link Maria you did a great job you should be very proud of yourself. 


Jonny Z Aquadora - NY, NY

  "A refreshing, raw, unpretentious, and intimate view into a Barcelona underworld of broken relationships. If every movie in the last year is buried under layers upon layers of overproduced marketing bullshit and money worship, this is fresh, free sushi."


Carmen Rafecas / Barcelona

  Con una energía increible, la directora muestra una realidad social que muchas personas no conocen, pero forma parte de la vida. Impacta por su crudeza, a mi me ha hecho pensar que la situación que refleja, se dá en una sociedad que lo oculta, pero que las consecuencias son las mismas, una degradación de la persona hasta sus últimas consecuencias. El trabajo de las actrices y actoresgenial!!!


Belen Almendro / Barcelona

  Estoy muy orgullosa de haber sido parte de esto! Estábamos todos pegados al asiento, los momentos de humor negro fueron divertidísimos y la gente se quedó enganchada hasta el final. La verdad fue muy bonito ver el resultado final tras dos años de espera y que éste superara las expectativas, estamos todos muy contentos!


Gene Myers - New York / London

  "Life's a Bitch!", the film debut by Maria Galindo, was an unexpected gem at SxSW 2015, though not part of the official program. Filmed on location in Barcelona, with a cast primarily of first time actresses and actors, Galindo's talent as a filmmaker is obvious, as the story of the dysfunctional, tangled lives of two lesbian couples unfolds. The story is careful crafted and directed by Galindo, and the performances are brilliant. The characters develop well, and even though their lives can be described as feckless at best, you cannot help but find yourself drawn to them. I am already looking forward to Maria's next film, as she learns to master her technique and develops as a screenwriter.


Mike Rieman > Austin, Texas

  I just had my mind thoroughly blown in the middle of Austin's SXSW film fest at the first screening of Maria Galindo's first full feature "Life's A Bitch," which she wrote, directed and shot around the streets of Barcelona. The movie is real, gritty, gripping, sexy, and full of colorful grifters mired in soap operatic entanglements. Speaking of, one of the central actors is a star of Spanish film and novellas. You'll have to watch to find out who. I left SXSW thinking I had just seen a star indie-film director in the making. Can I give ten stars? Five only, then life indeed is a bitch.


Oscar Lopez / Brooklyn, New York

  Life's a bitch is a refreshing slice of life film from a bad apple. The original story and score come together perfectly. Tony is a perfect jerk. The film hits you hard with reality. It is a must watch. If you're tired of boring love stories this is the film for you! 5/5!!!!


Eva Herrero Palomino / Barcelona, Spain

  My husband and I both liked it very much!! It is a real underground plot. This happens downtown of the most occidental cities!!! You show the broken home people like they really are! You remind me of the Spanish film director Pedro Almodovar at his very beginning! It is raw, it shakes us up!! Great job, Maria! This has been your first film project and I guess you have tons of peculiar story lines to offer to us!!


Mat Cruz / Barcelona, Spain

  "With characters out of the ordinary, "Life's a Bitch" generates an increasing interest through the combination of plots linked with each other. Definitely a different and personal work with some terrific moments."


Núria Farrús / Barcelona, Spain

  'Me encanto su naturalidad, frescura, potencia, fuerza, puntos de humor y su undergroundismo"


Jose Garcia González / Barcelona, / Spain

  Vi la publicidad y la éstetica me pareció super interesante. Ya desde el principio me enamoré de las protagonistas y odié al hermano. El skin me pareció muy realista y cómico. Y empaticé de immediato con la pobre Chistina por fijarse sin querer en quien no le conviene...todos hemos echo eso alguna vez .Imagino que mucho público se identificará con alguno de los personaje. El estilo underground de todo el film atrae bastante por lo entendible y cercano aunque no llegue al punto cotidiano. El vivir al límite, al día, lo prohíbido,la música,la estética hacen que sea un film muy atrayente. La forma de contar la história directa, y entrelazando todo poco a poco sutilmente y de manera creible hace que sea un film ameno. Yo soy de los que a la miníma desconectan, voy a mi mundo... Y esta película me hizo prestar mas atención que star wars, por poner un ejemplo. Como bonus track personal, cuando vi escenas de mi disco favorita Undead ya flipé , y además así con imagenes raras que es lo que suelo recordar de cuando voy... La verdad que finalizar la peli y poder hablar con vosotras ya fué increíble, cierto es que si pensaba ver en persona a alguna actriz haciendo la charla de presentación de la película pero llegar a hablar inimaginable.


Sally May Homer - Brooklyn, NY

 Everyone I know from Barcelona is SO kind and happy and full of life! So I was shocked to see the twisted tales and performances Director Maria Galindo was able to pull out of this special place from it's beautiful people. It's dark... it's funny.... it's fucked up! .. from crazy lesbians, to lazy skinheads, to unwitting tourists all colliding in a sexy, anger inciting, sad yet fun way. Life may be a bitch but this movie was a good time and I can't wait to see what Galindo does next!


Rob Rasch - NY, NY

  Life’s a Bitch! captures the Barcelona underground as it is. Filmed with a no-nonsense vérité, it reminded me of the short trip that I once took to Barcelona, albeit with a lot more action and a much thicker plot. The story focuses on 7 main characters who manage to be as surreal as the reality of Barcelona itself, and at the same time, so colorful and believable to the audience that they almost come off the screen. Their interactions with each other and the convergence of their storylines take the audience on a wild ride that tends to put every person in the theatre on the edge of his or her seat until the final credits. If you have ever been or loved a punk rocker who has traveled or been down and out, then you need to see this film. Whether you empathize with these characters or judge them for their sins, you will have a continuous need to know what happens next. 



Roland Peralez / San Antonio, Texas

dHell of a movie! Well, put together for what you did / didn´t have... Actors had me engaged.


Nieves Reyes / San Antonio, Texas

I wasn't sure what to expect from this film. I was really sent on a whirlwind of thought and feeling sorry for some of the characters. What a great group of actors, I might add and nicely written. Let´s see what else comes from this experience. A really good movie over all! Would tell my friends about it.

Follow your dreams aria!


Shirlee G. / San Antonio, Texas

Although Maria Galindo was in Barcelona during the time of her movie screening, Old school S.A. punk rockers and others gathered for her event. While waiting for the film to begin it was comforting to hear sounds of metal and punk being played in the background. Going into this subtitled film, you can grasp that these characters all have their own dramatic stories. There is one lesbian couple that steal from people along with hier rotten family members. Another lesbian couple´s relationship is put in jeopardy due to some lowlife sucmbag. If you have ever been in a realationship or have has to deal with a difficult situation then you most likely will be able to relate. Although the situations in this movie may cut close to home, there are some parts that maybe found a bit humorous. I was pleased to recognize bands such as BlackOut!, Fea, and Annex throughout the film. The story continues to the end where these characters intertwine and well, you´ll just have to see it yourself to know what happens.


Pretty much this movie lives up to its name, Life´s A Bitch!


Bruce Mack - NY, NY

  I am glad New York was in her itinerary, as that gave me the opportunity to view her film "Life's A Bitch!", which she wrote, directed and shot.

 I have to admit, I was readying myself for a film stocked with cheap, campy edits, songs the musician was never able to get across through performance alone, bad acting and sub-par audio.


In short, "Life's A Bitch" is a very good film. I interpreted the film as one about the intertwining lives of 3 sets of people, that are each connected by one person in their group. They live their lives pretty care free, to the point of being abusive to themselves and to those around them. I don't think this is an easy task for a writer, but Galindo tells their stories seamlessly, with great continuity and detail. Galindo does a great job of capturing the seedy night-life culture and slang of Barcelona. Minus one or two moments where an actor was over the top in expressing an emotion, I feel the acting is great, with a couple actors I expect to see in big films in the near future, particularly the actor who plays the vile and violent brother Ramsey of one of the films main characters - a clepto-lesbian Paula, who is very attractive but just can't stop stealing. The few compositions were subtle and played more a dynamic role to highlight a scene or release of tension that was created by an event. The film has an underlying feel of punk, but not as blatant as 1983's "Suburbia" but with a touch of Film-noir. I enjoyed "Life's A Bitch" and ended up feeling like I was watching a Sunday afternoon movie. Thank you Maria Galindo, this was good!


Aaron Rodriques - NY, NY

  This was an awesome movie, I'm glad that I got to see it!

5/5 stars.


Vanessa Martinez> New York, New York

  Gnarly DIY/no budget film by Dir. Maria Galindo Life's a Bitch, is more fucked up than Kids minus the exploitive undertone. Lesbian sex, infidelity and a cute girl wearing a Bathory shirt robbing Johns. Takes place in Barcelona, too dark, too real. 4/5 stars


Christa Shultz> San Antonio, Texas

  Life's A Bitch shines at SXSW! Filmed on location in Spain with a seamlessly-blended cast of professional actors and locally-found natural talent, Life's A Bitch expertly captures the universal struggles of the underclass, with humor, heart, and sometimes-brutal realism. Steamy sex, fast-paced action, and remarkably true-to-life characters had the audience hooked from start to finish. Don't miss this indie gem from first-time Texas filmmaker Maria Galindo!





"Witch Hour" by Maria Galindo is a quirky black and white horror comedy with satirical elements, about a bunch of rich people who piss off the wrong witch. It's a lot of fun, so don't miss it!


The music, sounds, and actors bring along such a great atmosphere. The tone of the film is so
Luis López - U.K. Filmmakerfunny, but also terrifying when it needs to be. Good narrative skills, Maria!


Sophie Sifkovits - Barcelona
Witch hour is a funny and entertaining movie that shows Maria’s talent for a variety of genres in film. Yet another project that reflects her dedication and passion to portray stories in her very own and distinctive style. I’m glad I got the opportunity of seeing this piece of art and hope to soon see more of her ideas being realized!


James Alexander Allen - Writer, Brighton U.K.
'A twisted and amusing assault on a suburban family you love to hate!'


Mike Powell
'A modern-day Jacobean Revenger's Tragedy, through Texan eyes.

Darkly satisfying.'


Kevin Young - Green Wyvern Productions, Brighton, U.K.
Witch Hour is shot in black and white in her hometown of San Antonio. It's a twisted morality tale of the revenge of a hard-working shop worker over an abusive rich family. The story and the characters are stereotypical, which allows the filmmaker to work with the images and the dark humor underlying it all. There are indirect statements about life in Texas to look out for.


Sol Bert - Bee's Mouth - Brighton, U.K.
WITCH HOUR and Life's A Bitch! Review
Hmmm ... what to say about these pieces? I went to the screening, thinking I was
about to see two short films by Maria,
who I'd met the day before briefly. A little break from my own work.
After being gripped by 'Witch Hour' (world premiere) I needed time to process
the experience (and the fear). There was no chance for this, however, as we moved
straight into 'Life's a Bitch' and a
journey really began.. half an hour in, I was beginning to
suspect that I was not watching a short one.

The story built in a wide Barcelona frame, complex characters carefully weaving their various future demises. After 'Witch Hour' had thrilled, bringing a smell of Hitchcock in a
particularly dark state of mind, 'Life's a Bitch' gave me no sense of any possible comparison.

Exiting, scary, sometimes overwhelmingly bleak interwoven personal tragedies,
impressive acting and skillful camera
work all were included. I left the basement and wandered off into the night
feeling traumatized and very impressed.







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