Mayhem Film Kreations is an independent film production company run by self-taught filmmaker Maria Galindo. Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas she formed and played lead guitar in a few punk bands in her early years. During her mid 20's, she became interested in photography and film. In 2013, at age 29, while having lived 2 years in Barcelona, she woke up and said "it's now or never" and began writing her first-script  'Life's A Bitch!'. She then made the movie, with no prior experience, on a shoe-string budget. In 2016 Galindo won Best Director for 'Life's A Bitch!' at the San Antonio Horrific Film Festival. The following year in 2017 she made her second film that was a short called Witch Hour. That same year Witch Hour won Best Short Film at the Horrific Film Fest and was also nominated and won a few other international film festivals that same year. Witch Hour was released on YouTube on October 30th. 2019.  She then shot her second short film in Brighton, U.K. titled Nurse Shirley Foster after meeting Shirley Jaffe an 83-year-old actress that portrayed a nurse in Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece a Clockwork Orange.

     Jaffe portrays Shirley Foster an 83-year-old retired nurse that is haunted by the sinister treatments she helped perform in the 1970s in Kubrick's film 'A Clockwork Orange'. Galindo was honored to work with Jaffe to make this small sequel. This short will be released on YouTube on December 1, 2019. Be sure to subscribe to the Mayhem Film Kreations Channel. Indie Rights Movies picked up Life's A Bitch! for distribution in April 2019. The name was changed to 'A Slice of Life in Barcelona'  you can now check it out on Amazon Prime Video and TUBI


     Galindo is now completing her second feature film in San Antonio, Texas with a local cast of freaks titled 'Mr. Anderson's Possessed Car'. Mr. Anderson is a Jesus freak that buys a cheap car off of Craigslist when he gets a job as a deliveryman at his local church. What Anderson (Stephen Thomas) doesn't know is that a man killed himself in that same car while running from the police. Anderson goes through hell to get rid of the car but he is too cheap to just give it away and suffers the consequences due to his hypocritical lifestyle!  Mayhem Film Kreations is always open to collaborating to make scripts and ideas become a reality. 

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