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 A stuck up American family of four are nasty and mean to their local feed store cashier Rita who is a woman of color. Mrs. Bailey and her daughter Myra try to get Rita fired. Little do they know, they are messing with a witch. Rita goes on a drunken rampage and plots an act of massive revenge.

A quirky short film with plenty of horror and dark comedy!

Written, directed, and edited by Maria Galindo.

Special FX Makeup by David Prieto

Musical Score by David Saucedo

Produced by Wherry Film Productions


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Director Maria Galindo brings you a gritty European film with an American twist! Three dysfunctional couples in Barcelona, Spain end up colliding due to nothing but bad decisions. There's Paula (Anneke Necro), a beautiful klepto who lives with her abusive, alcoholic brother Ramsey (Tony Corvillo) and his annoying drunk girlfriend Faye (Bea Vilaseca). Paula and her gorgeous punk girlfriend Anna (Irina Fernandez) terrorize the streets of Barcelona stealing hearts, wallets and anything they can get their hands on. From young tourists to old men, these girls don't care whom they target as long as they get what they want. Then there's Molly (Mad Pirvan) and Christina (Jessica Hernández), two working-class women in a long-term relationship very much in love. Molly warns Christina not to speak to a local loser skinhead named Robert (Oscar Gomez) that is a regular at the punk bar. Christina doesn't listen and does as she pleases. Molly is Christina's first lesbian lover and her most successful relationship to date until a series of terrible choices leave the girls in a bad situation. Capturing Barcelona under a microscope through the booze, trash, spray paint, and struggles, this hard-hitting, sexy drama full of dark humor and plenty of twists is guaranteed to entertain!


New releases and projects!

Rats Eat New York City! -   Teaser

A dramatic, dark comedy horror film about the massive rat infestation in New York! This is a movie with an important message! 

We are looking for production! Investors, sponsors, and any kind of creative collaboration to make this film a reality!! Makeup artists, graphic designers, musicians, animal lovers, artists!!  Galindo will be back in NYC this spring to begin pre-production. More details coming soon and a fresh new Patreon where you can read the script once you become a member in support of our Cinema Movement! Get in contact with director Maria Galindo today! And LET'S MAKE THIS MOVIE!!!


Mr. Anderson is a Jesus freak that lives in San Antonio, Texas. He gets an offer for a job as a delivery driver so he decides to buy a car. He searches Craigslist and buys a cheap 1992 Honda Accord. What he doesn't know is the car was involved in a murder-suicide and is haunted! Anderson goes through hell in a series of unexplained events, losing control of the car along with his mind. Being too much of a cheapskate to just give it away, Anderson tries hard to resell the car. In turn, He and his hypocritical ways suffer the consequences. This twisted dark comedy by Maria Galindo will keep you laughing for days!

Full feature out soon!



Mr. Anderson's Possessed Car | Movie Poster


Nightmare of a Vampire - is a fresh Mayhem Project looking for production! 

Eric is a widow who is raising his 8-year-old son Tim. Since the passing of his wife Sandra, he is focused on piecing his life back together.

Eric finds it difficult to move on until one day he meets a waitress named Jane. Things between them become inexplicably difficult as Jane comes to suffer attacks from vampires. Tim is shocked to find that the city of  Barcelona, Spain is infested with these bloodthirsty creatures. Vlad and his vampire cult follow Eric, tormenting him to join their gang. Eric refuses, and Vlad kidnaps his son Timothy. Eric must then search to find their lair and fight them to save his son and family. 


Nurse Shirley Foster (U.K.)

83-year-old retired nurse Shirley Foster is haunted in her dreams by the sinister medical treatments she helped administer to Alex DeLarge with his first round of the Ludovico technique in the early 1970's.  Alex is a fictional character in Anthony Burgess' novel A Clockwork Orange and Stanley Kubrick's film. Shirley Jaffe is the original nurse in Kubrick's masterpiece.

Watch it now on YouTube!


Nurse Shirley Foster | Movie Poster

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